Leipzig – HHL Venture Capital Club

HHL Venture Capital Club is a platform for HHL students to gain knowledge about approaches in funding and financing of start-ups and small-size companies. After some years of rather small internal events the initiative is now changing this appearance and expanding into a new field of activities. As of now, they are offering assistance to early stage start-ups which are preparing their first funding or just seeking independent advice. The Venture Capital Clubchallenges their business ideas, looks into their business model and gives feedback with regards to pitches, presentations or financials.

With an entrepreneurship-centric curriculum, students at HHL gain extensive knowledge in the areas of business strategy and modeling, market analysis, and venture financing. At VCC, students attend further lectures and practitioner sessions to deepen their knowledge around venture capital and thus gain hands-on experience in cooperation with leading professors and seasoned venture capital executives.
In addition, many of the members already gained significant work experience in the VC and startup world and are happy to share their insights and knowledge to help others to accelerate their business.

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